A summer day in Ayvalık

A summer day in Ayvalık

       Hello and welcome to my fruitarian website. My name is Tolun Çerkeş. I was born in Istanbul and lived in Turkey most of my life. I am a vegan who has been working as a tour guide performing cultural and archaeological tours for travelers coming from around the world.

        This is my personal web site where I share my ideas about fruitarianism, its connection with the environment, useful information related to the environmental issues and my personal experiences.

My Philosophy About Fruitarian Diet

       I believe fruits and nuts provide more than just energy and nutrition to our bodies. I had times in my life when I ate only fruits and nuts when I never felt so strong. I believe some kind of solar energy was transferred to my body by means of those fruits. And each time I was on a fruitarian diet I felt better and super energetic. I had a sensation of integrity, I could feel every single cell of my body at my control. A very high energy was all around my body and I felt like if I had wings I could fly!

       Fruitarian diet is one step beyond veganism and consists of only eating fruits and nuts. Fruits and nuts are products of the trees. They are environment friendly foods produced by trees, fed by the soil and the sun.

       Humans need to consume more this kind of environmentally friendly foods for survival and energizing their bodies. A fruitarian diet will not burden our bodies and will provide us a more efficient energy system. Also more fruit and nut consumption will make a very positive impact on the environment as it will result in the abundance of fruit and nut trees around the world.

       So when you feel hungry just eat olives, hazelnuts, pistachios or raisins, any nuts or fruits you like. You should believe that you are eating the best food and the right food for yourself. Each bite will help you to improve your health and will contribute to the growth of new trees. I know it is difficult to give up the habits and what we are told we must eat.

       We humans ate mainly fruits at the very beginning of our evolution. We lived on trees and those trees were homes to us. We largely depended on the trees. Those were the times when humans lived in a beautiful tropical environment in Eastern Africa where plenty of juicy fruits and nuts were available. This is why after about millions of years of evolution we still keep the main characteristics of vegetarian species. The structure of our teeth, the enzymes in our mouths and stomachs, the length of our bowels prove that we are evolved for a long digestion.

       A nutritionist Jean Dries says fruits are rich in bioenergetic value coming from the Sun. The bioenergy of the Sunshine is collected by means of the leaves and transferred to the fruits through their branches. So the fruit essences are rich in bioenergy. Especially juicy tropical fruits such as pineapple and mango. He said this bio energy have the power of healing many diseases including cancer. He even published a book named “The Dries Cancer Diet”.

       As for people living in colder parts of the world it is not impossible to grow fruits and nuts even in those places. If it is possible to raise farm animals in cold environments it should be possible to build solar powered green houses with temperature control to grow fruit trees. The calories, the energy, the protein and the vitamins cold climate people need are all present in fruits and nuts. Even the coldest area peoples can get enough nutrition by just eating fruits and nuts. I tried a fruitarian diet during a Siberian winter and was perfectly fine.

     Imagine a world where people ate more fruits and nuts. The world would be transformed in beauty to the way it used to look previously with an increase in tree populations cleaning the air and offering suitable environment for endangered wildlife.  This will reduce greenhouse gas emissions coming from the cruel meat industry, habitat loss for the wild life and prevent global warming since new trees will come up. Billions of them, to clean the air. Decreasing oxygen levels in the last decades will continue to rise again allowing us to live healthier lives and we will be able to continue our existence on our planet living in harmony with nature.

       A big challenge is ahead of us. We should remember that in our planet’s history, species who could not adapt themselves to the changing conditions sadly disappeared. We have come a long way after an evolution of about 50 million years and it will be sad to see us leave.

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