Greetings! Welcome to my website. My name is Tolun Çerkeş. This is my personal website where I share  my knowledge about fruitarianism, explore its connection with our health and the environment, discuss my insights on environmental issues, and recount personal experiences.
The Energy of Fruits and Nuts: I believe a fruitarian diet can bring tremendous benefits to the human body. I had times in my life when I ate only fruits and nuts when I never felt so strong. It looked like a mysterious energy was transferred to my body by means of those fruits. And each time I was on a fruitarian diet I felt better and super energetic. I had a sensation of integrity, I could feel every single cell of my body at my control. A very high energy was all around my body and I felt like if I had wings I could fly!

A healthy diet doesn’t necessarily require consumption of unlimited rich food varieties we were told are good to eat for good health. A healthy diet can also be limiting the food variety and amounts. Veganism and even fruitarianism can be a choice here as it is healthier and more environment friendly to consume less variety rather than consuming anything and  everything. This diet, rich in fresh fruits and nuts, avoids burdening our bodies and provides a more efficient energy system. Moreover, embracing this lifestyle can contribute positively to the environment, resulting the increase of fruit and nut trees.

Nutrient-Rich Choices: Focusing on fruits and nuts such as olives, hazelnuts, pistachios, raisins, walnuts, and almonds, we could find a good combination of protein, carbohydrate, oil and mineral balance. Consuming more of these foods not only enhances our health but also plays a role in nurturing new trees, as the demand for them will increase in the markets.

A Glimpse into Human Evolution: Reflecting on our evolutionary past, I think that humans primarily subsisted on fruits during the early stages of our evolution. Nestled in trees that served as our homes, we thrived in a beautiful tropical environment, likely in Africa, where an abundance of juicy fruits and nuts sustained us. Our anatomy, from the structure of our teeth to the enzymes in our mouths and stomachs, attests to our adaptation for prolonged digestion as characteristic of vegetarian species.

Tolun Çerkeş

Author Tolun Çerkeş Enjoying A Hot Summer Day In Ayvalık, Turkey

Harnessing Solar Bioenergy: I really like the insights of Jean Dries, who emphasizes the bioenergetic value of fruits collected from the Sun. The leaves act as collectors, transferring solar bioenergy to the fruits through their branches. Particularly, juicy tropical fruits like pineapple and mango are rich in this bioenergy, believed to have healing properties.

Overcoming Climate Challenges: Advancements in technology make it feasible to grow fruits and nuts even in colder regions. If we can raise farm animals in such environments, why not harness solar-powered greenhouses with temperature control to cultivate fruit trees? The nutritional needs, including calories, energy, protein, carbohydrates, oil, minerals and vitamins required by individuals in cold climates, are inherently present in fruits and nuts. I attest to this from personal experience, having successfully followed a fruitarian diet during a Siberian winter.

A Vision of a Fruitful World: Envision a world where fruits and nuts constitute the main diet. This transformation would not only restore the planet’s beauty but also contribute to the proliferation of trees. The resulting increase in tree populations would cleanse the air, provide a nicer environment for endangered wildlife, and counteract the detrimental effects of the meat industry on greenhouse gas emissions and habitat loss. This vision, involving billions of trees, has the potential to replenish decreasing oxygen levels, fostering healthier lives and sustaining our existence on Earth in harmony with nature.

The Urgent Call to Action: Scientists issue a stark warning about the rapid destruction of our planet. If we fail to protect our natural habitat, our existence may be in peril within a century. The challenges ahead are substantial. History tells us that species unable to adapt to changing conditions sadly disappeared. After an evolution spanning about 4 billion years, it would be sad to come to an end this way. Let’s not end it this way, every and any action counts.

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