Tolun Cerkes

Written by Tolun Cerkes

Fruitarian diet consists of only eating fruits and nuts. Humans need to use more solar energy for survival and generating power. It is a natural source of energy with no side effects. Humans can continue their existence on this planet only if they can adapt themselves in going back to mother nature.

I believe fruits and nuts provide more than just energy and nutrition to our bodies. According to my personal experience if you eat only good quality fresh fruits and nuts these can make you fly! I had times in my life when I ate only fruits and nuts and never felt any stronger and alive. I think it is some kind of solar energy possibly ”bio photons” mentioned by scientists. Unlike birds who have transparent feather stems similar to solar panels, humans have little ability to get direct energy from the sun. Fruits and nuts contain solar energy obtained from the sun by means of the leaves. This energy seem to have unbelievable effects for the healing of the body. Furthermore the juices of the fruits and fresh nuts do not burden our system, but pass easily through it, giving the body a more efficient energy system.

Besides imagine a world where people ate only fruits and nuts. This would result in a healthy abundance of fruit and nut trees, giving nutritious food to be enjoyed by those who wish to live an energetic and healthy life. The world would be transformed in beauty to the way it used to look earlier with an increase in tree populations cleaning the air and offering suitable environment for endangered wildlife.

fruitarian dietWhen we start eating only fruits and nuts the difference is felt very quickly. A sensation of integrity and a wave of energy is spread in the body. Another benefit to our health could be a psychological one, if we think we are not causing the death of animals to survive. There is no need to make secret of the fact that when we consume meat, we are triggering a chain reaction together with all the other consumers, which would finally cause the death of a poor animal living somewhere out there, of whom we have never seen the face.

The increase of human population in the world and our wrong eating habits are the main reasons for the destruction of the forests and the right environmental conditions in which we live. Excessive grazing of domestic animals and endless fields where crops are raised do not permit the creation of a suitable flora which is necessary for the growth of the trees. This also means erosion, which takes away the fertile soil and poor peasants moving to the towns, which grow continually, creating more environmental and social problems. As for our bodies they are not designed to live sedentary lives in those towns. Degenerative diseases such as cancer, heart disease or osteoporosis can strike us and then we’ll suffer.

Fruitarian lifestyle could be a plan to stop the global warming and save the world as it will result the increase of the fruit trees everywhere in the world. It simply consists of collecting fruits from the trees, eating them and scattering their seeds around. By doing this, we will spread these fruit trees everywhere and will need no instruments to do that. Our bare hands are designed to collect and eat fruits. So there will be no need to harm the nature by processing, cooking and even by washing dishes with heavy dirt.

Zeki Tamer fruitarian athlete

Zeki Tamer, the fruitarian athlete

“The human body doesn’t need food to live! But as long as it moves, it will not die” said, Mr. Zeki Tamer who died at his age of 92. This old fruitarian, athlete and swimming instructor, was still able to run 100 meters in 14 seconds, at the age of 90. His motto was “what is the use of controlling the entire world if you can not control your own body”.

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