A summer day in Ayvalık

A summer day in Ayvalık

       Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Tolun Çerkeş. I was born in Istanbul and lived in Turkey most of life. I am a vegan who has been working as a tour guide performing tours cultural and archaeological tours for travelers coming from around the world (privatetourturkey.com). On this web site I would like to share my ideas about fruitarianism, its connection with the environment, useful information related to the environmental issues, personal information and experiences.

       Fruitarian diet is one step beyond veganism and consists of only eating fruits and nuts. Humans need to use more solar energy for survival and generating power. It is a natural source of energy with no side effects. Humans can continue their existence on this planet only if they can adapt themselves in going back to mother nature.

       I believe fruits and nuts provide more than just energy and nutrition to our bodies. I had times in my life when I ate only fruits and nuts and I never felt so strong. It might be due to some mysterious energy coming from their essences. This could be some kind of pure solar energy coming from the sun transferred to the fruits and nuts by means of the leaves which are solar energy receptors of the trees. This energy would also have good effects for the healing of many diseases.

       A fruitarian diet will positively impact the environment resulting the abundance of fruit and nut trees, giving nutritious food to be enjoyed by those who wish to live an energetic and healthy life. The world would be transformed in beauty to the way it used to look previously with an increase in tree populations cleaning the air and offering suitable environment for endangered wildlife.

       Each time I started to eat only fruits and nuts I felt better and more energetic. I had a sensation of integrity, it looked like a wave of energy was spread in my body. I also feel good thinking that by keeping a fruitarian or a plant based diet I am not causing the death of animals to live. I know that if I consumed meat, I would be triggering a chain reaction together with all the other consumers, which would finally cause the death of a poor animal living somewhere out there, I have never seen the face.

More about this:  http://privatetourturkey.com/en/vegetarian/